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Q&A: A’marie girl Ana Bacinger

Although she has been living in Varaždin for years, I can call Zagreb her second home because she spent ten years of her life here, and she is still professionally connected to it. Ana Bacinger is an indispensable fashion figure on our scene, a graduate journalist, fashion editor, and stylist who was among the first to venture into the world of blogging and became a face that many women follow for her distinctive style even before Instagram. You can still occasionally see her strolling the streets of Zagreb in her nonchalant outfits, which she has refined over time and somehow adapted to the main role she has today – that of a mother to little Lev. Her style has always been a blend of romance and a good dose of retro, and I have always been particularly impressed by her combinations in which she wears A’marie because she carries it in her own, specific way and gives each look its own fashion stamp. Ana and I share a long-standing collaboration, which has evolved into a wonderful friendship over time, so I am especially delighted that this spring she jumped into her favorite A’marie pieces from the new Basic collection and walked around her favorite part of Zagreb in them.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Others describe it as a blend of a good dose of retro, classic, and eclecticism. And, I would agree with that. I like to play with statement pieces, but I also love a good capsule wardrobe, which is indispensable in our years because it makes our everyday life easier.

I think I can say that over the years you have refined your eclecticism and somehow lean more towards classic? How is that?

I definitely have. Sometimes I wish there wasn’t an archive of all my combinations on the web because in some phases, I was really too eclectic. I turn forty this year, and for the past ten years, I’ve just been cleaning out my closet. I fill it with classics and timeless pieces, and I play the most with shoes and bags. I’ve always had a weakness for statement fashion accessories, and they somehow stand out the most in calm and classic combinations.

What is your must-have combination for this spring?

The moment I became a mother, I realized why most women buy a quality trench coat, good jeans, and a white cotton T-shirt. Because you always look good in them, without much effort! So that would be my must-have combination for this, but also every other spring. Your sensational Jen jeans, a white or black T-shirt, a large trench coat, my favorite clogs, and a statement bag.

Do you have a favorite in the Basic collection?

I’ve already mentioned that I’m crazy about the Jen jeans, and I also really like the Bek bodysuit. I think it’s great for combinations from morning to night.

Do you remember your first encounter with the A’marie brand?

Yes! You had a small store on Tesla Street, and you were wearing Hunter boots. And you were such a sight! I came with you to do an interview for the portal I was working for at the time, I think it was one of my first interviews, and I was terribly nervous, but you were so nice that my nerves quickly subsided. I think it’s been more than fifteen years since that moment, and I am very happy that this first encounter has developed into a wonderful friendship over the years.

Your favorite A’marie piece you own?

I have several, but I think my favorite is still the turquoise jumpsuit named Plu. It’s one of those pieces that attracts attention when I wear it, and you know I’ve had it in my closet for years… And your swimsuits are a category of their own, I can’t imagine summer without them.

Do you have a combination that always works when you have no idea what to wear?

I love oversized shirts, so my combination would be a combination of an oversized men’s striped shirt, mom’s jeans, colored shoes, and some wow jewelry. It looks great with a trench coat on top, but also with an oversized blazer!

Jewelry? Yes or no?

Always yes for me! I think jewelry can brilliantly elevate simple outfits. And I believe that every woman looks more polished when wearing jewelry.

Zagreb and you? It somehow seems to me that it’s an unbreakable bond?

You’re right. Ten years ago, I packed my bags and left Zagreb for Varaždin, and I have to tell you that everyone told me I was crazy. I left my position as editor-in-chief and decided to try working from home as a freelance contributor, and at the same time, I worked harder than ever on the blog I felt could become more than just a hobby. It all turned out to be the right choice for me; I am very happy in Varaždin in our house with a large garden, and I am very grateful to have colleagues with whom I can work from home. And Zagreb, it has become a place where I am tied to by university and business friendships, jobs, and a lifestyle that I miss in Varaždin.

Where can we meet you when you are in Zagreb? What are your favorite spots?

With friends, I love sitting in Luta, Botaničar, or Cogito. For brunch, I’ll choose Dežman Bar or Boogie Lab. For cakes, my friend Ivana and her Neka Jedu Kolače. For bread and pastries that I always bring with me to Varaždin – Korica. Plus, I love to peek into Selectedd, and when I’m passing by, I take a look at the exhibition at Galerija Kranjčar.

5 short:

Coffee or matcha? Coffee at home, matcha at a friend’s who knows how to make it perfectly.

Varaždin or Zagreb? Varaždin for living. Zagreb to recharge.

Trench coat or leather jacket? Both are must-haves!

Sneakers or heels? Sneakers lately. Or clogs.

Concert or a night out? Always a good concert.

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