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Despite the stressful circumstances we all have been dealing with the best we know how for the past few weeks, the creative story of our brand is not stopping. With a lot of positive thoughts and emotions we are creating new collections, so the last one we are presenting today is entitled Loved by Mommy. A feminine collection designed to suit all blossoming women before, during and after pregnancy.

The idea is to be able to effortlessly enjoy this gorgeous collection with very simple care instructions and a wonderful feeling that the pieces have the skin. For the past few months, I’ve been listening to myself especially, because pregnancy brings new sensations and different priorities. Loved by Mommy has somehow spontaneously imposed itself as the perfect line for pregnant women. It is comfortable without compromising on style – ideal for staying at home, taking a leisurely stroll through the nature, exercising and all the activities I encounter on a daily basis. The collection also proved to be ideal for this peaceful time we spend at home, taking occasional walks or simply enjoying reading a book that has been waiting on the bookshelf for months or trying out recipes received from a friend…

Loved by Mommy collection offers a variety of stylish clothes that will be familiar to you as they have been part of our A’marie Basic collection for years. Although, for spring 2020, the collection has received a mini twist, a surprise in the form of new colors and details. For years, Basic has been adored by our pregnant clients and all A’marie women who strive for elegance, femininity and, above all, comfort. The collection consists of basic pieces like the exquisite camisole – with the cute name Cammy Mommy, the Puff  T-shirt with alluring pleats on the shoulders, our distinctive tube dress/skirt and clients’ favorite Happy Belly leggings. Loved by Mommy is actually just a small overture to the new Basic Collection that my team and I are finishing, which I wanted to present through a series of personal photos where I am styled in my favorite pieces.

Cammy Mommy is a classic piece that we are certain will become your favorite after wearing it for the first time. Due to the blend of delicate MicroModal and elastane, the camisole creates a feeling of uncompromising comfort, and styled with Happy Belly leggings, it is simply excellent for any situation. Soft waistband offers a variety of styling options while gently adhering to your natural curves. Its delicately soft fabric is ideal for sensitive skin of both mothers and babies. The main feature of our Tubi piece is its multi-functionality. Whether you wear it as a skirt, top or mini dress, with this comfortable black hued piece you can create unique styling that will perfectly reflect your personal style. Our Puff T-shirts do not require particular introduction because their pleated sleeves make them simply irresistible. Simply combine Puff T-shirt with leggings or your favorite denim.

Loved by Mommy is here to pamper you and show you that despite the challenging times, there are little things that will brighten your day. That’s why we have designed charming packages for you that come in several different versions (Mini Bundle, Mama Bundle & Comfort Bundle), which we believe will bring a smile to your face. Simply gift yourself to help withstand this time of self-isolation, yourbest friend because you want her to feel phenomenal at home, or surprise a future mom that wishes comfortable, chic clothing. As a small token of attention, with every item or gift package you buy, we also gift you a hair tie that comes in black or white hue and is made of MicroModal.

Aspire to make the most of this time, immerse yourself positively in every new day, devote to yourself and the ones you love, send a loved one a handwritten letter, love, play, draw, breathe and remember that every little sign of attention makes a difference.



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Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

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