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Lately it seems that distant horizons and warmer climates are increasingly alluring our attention. Perhaps it is just a desire to escape from everyday life or simply an innocent yearning for exotic sights, sunshine and diverse cultures. So, travel with us today and with our guest blogger Petra Mamic, a travel influencer, better known by her Instagram handle @skitnica. Petra is taking us to crystal-clear turquoise waters of the enchanted Maldives. Between two amazing trips, Petra shared with us her tips & tricks for travelling, her favorite places and why she prefers one-piece bathing suits. Take a break from winter and spend the next few moments on the sandy beach with us.

How would you describe the culture and customs of Maldives?

A culture of Maldives is influenced by a mix of cultures. The local people are always smiling, cheerful and in a good mood. For them, time is a very relative term. In the Maldives, you will be encouraged to take off your shoes and roam your island barefoot.

5 must do activities…

Walking down a sandbar, snorkelling with shy sharks, hanging out with the locals, experience a sunset cruise and bonfire on the beach.

My favourite dish…

All types of seafood.

Best place for a cocktail…

Since local islands are alcohol free, I will choose a Blue Sun mocktail in a cute Moonlight bar.

The destination that left the strongest impression on you…

It is every destination, but if I had to choose one, it would be Turkey for its rich culture, incredible nature and delicious food.

Three items you packed…

Less is more! I always carry travel size products, and I would recommend to plan your outfits in advance and adjust them to the destination.

One-piece bathing suit because…

it looks cool and elegant at the same time.

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