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Each season has its own set of specific colors that are traditionally associated with it, and as the seasons change so do our color preferences, the way we perceive them, appreciate them, look forward to them. Autumn radiates with a wonderful range of warm, golen colors that peak before winter arrives.

The love of colors is almost universal, but there is a part of that universe where the passion for colors is even more pronounced. My work and life are oriented towards a constant choice of tones and shades, their harmonization and the effect they produce and create. Whether it is clothing, interiors, promotional materials, or simply the aesthetics, the colors simply fascinate me. As the seasons change and it gets colder, I wish to share with you my perception of colors. Get cozy with a warm cup of ginger tea, and check out the ways colors bring pleasure and harmony to your our lives.

ORANGE: the union of everything that warms the mind and body, the worthy equivalent of warm sunshine.

GREEN: meditative, unrivaled. Stimulative and harmonious.

SALT: distinctive, shy and not intrusive. It takes over instantly and permanently, like all magnificent loves.

BRANDY: strong, resolute, uncompromising. So authentic, and real.

BLACK: mystical, sophisticated, unconditionally attractive and contemporary.

Colors unquestionably affect us. They stimulate and inspire us. Play with them and include them in your life as often as possible.

Blog by A'Marie

Special thanks to our dear friend Lidija Tomasfor her creative collaboration, in the form of photographs that show all the beauty and impressiveness of colors in the loveliest way.


Photography: Senja Vild

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Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

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